Finale2011 Vs. Sibelius 6?

I have access to both programs, which is easier to use and which runs VDL2.5 better just need some helpful hints. I write ALOT of Marching battery parts, thanks guys
PC/Mac, Coke/Pepsi... like Hugh said, both can get the job done.  I used Finale up until around 2002, then jumped ship and prefer the Sibelius interface considerably more.  The 2011 Finale template seems to have caught up with Sibelius, as far as VDL is concerned.
In another thread you said you were running Finale 2011. Are you having trouble with getting it to work the way you think it ought to be? And if you're new with it, are you making sure you're allowing for some learning curve time? (That goes for any new program that you want to use).

Did you search the forum at all? I plugged in ";finale versus sibelius"; and found this pertinent result:

Here is another one using ";finale vs sibelius";:

Those threads are a little on the older side, but I don't think much has changed about the debate. See if you can find some of the video tutorials for each version, that may help you in your decision.

You aren't buying a car here, but I suppose the process isn't too dissimilar. You will be able to do what you want to do with either program.

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They're both very capable programs, and I think it's really a matter of preference which one to use.

OK, I'm done rambling now. Let us know how you get on.

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