Kontakt Player 2 Error

I am using Sibelius 6.2 on a MacBook Pro. I am also using Virtual Drumline 2.5.
It has been working smoothly for a about a month, and then an error message popped up titled:

KontaktPlayer2: There was an error trying to acquire a license for this patch! Error Message: This copy is not yet activated. Please use the Service Center to Activate.

The result is that none of the VDL sound files will play. I found the Service Center Installation Application in my Kontakt 2 folder within my Applications. I ran the application, restarted my computer, and still no luck. The same error message as listed before still appears.

Any other suggestions?

I attached some screen shots of the error I'm seeing and how I tried to fix it.

Please advise.
Thank you
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Hi. Sounds like you're close.

It's unclear to me whether or not you actually [i]installed[/i] the Service Center program. If so, you should most likely see a ";Native Instruments"; folder in your ";Applications"; folder. Within that, you should see a ";Service Center"; folder that contains the actual Service Center application (rather than the installer).

Once Service Center is installed, launch it. You'll be prompted to log in with your NI User Account (or create one) so that you can authorize your VDL software. Service Center is the program used for various authorizations and updates with NI software.
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