MIDI note numbers change using Finale Specific Instruments in FInale View/Show

I have successfully created a new Percussion MIDI Map and a matching Percussion Layout.  I'm using the Concert Band Combo as my MIDI device.  They work perfectly using the regular Concert Band Combo.  However, when I load the ";Finale Specific Instruments"; and then Concert Band Combo, when I enter notes in the Finale document, they look and play correctly, but the MIDI note numbers are different.

Do you have a Keymap or list that shows the midi note numbers for the ";Finale Specific Instruments - Concert Band Combo ";?  Any suggestions?

The VDL guide says the FInale specific instruments allow you to control volume in studio view like all the other orchestral instruments, so I'd like to be able to do that.

I use FInale 2011b on a PC with Windows 7.  Thanks!
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They are exactly the same.
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