OS X 10.6.7 Update

Hi all,

Just an FYI, if you need to do anything with OpenType PostScript fonts or use Sibelius, I would avoid the 10.6.7 update recently released.

Finale users shouldn't see any issues unless you use 3rd party OpenType PostScript fonts, but Sibelius users will have a lot of problems.

Check out the links below:



Thanks for the update on this, Justin. Good to know!
Just to let you know, I haven't experienced this problem or any problems
with a ";preview"; OS and Sibelius. So it doesn't seem to be a transition
problem for the future.
Is this still a known issue or has an update come out?

I just got a new iMac and it comes with 10.6.4 so I'm hesitant to upgrade to the latest version.
Still an issue for me. You can try the combo update to 10.6.6 which does not have this problem.
How would I update to just 10.6.6?  Wouldn't Apples site only have 10.6.7?
You da man Justin.

Enjoy the new iMac! There are ways around the 10.6.7 buglet, but you shouldn't miss much sticking with 10.6.6 and not worrying about clearing font caches and using TT fonts.
Hi all,

Apple released a patch for this, available via Software Update or here: [url=http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4605]http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4605[/url]

Works OK for me so far, no problems in Finale or Sibelius and my PDFs no longer throw error messages when brought over to Windows.
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