i can't see VDL 2.5 in sib 6 sound set (kontakt4)

hello guys,
i have problem with my stuff here.
i already installed sibelius 6.0, kontakt 4, and vdl 2.5 and  already update the VDL library to 2.5.2.
just like the instruction said that, i must copy kontakt4.dll to C:\Program Files\Sibelius Software\VSTPlugins
and i did it.
i use windows 7, 2gb ram, amd turionX2 64.
the problem is, when i open playback devices on sib.6, and i choose kontakt 4, i can;t find VDL in my sound set.
need your suggestion here...
i attach my screenshoot here
thank you
I seem to recall there was a bug in earlier versions of Sibelius 6 that didn't recognize Kontakt 4 correctly. To remedy this, I think you need to update to Sibelius 6.2.
Thanks Jim, i already upgrade it and it's works.
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