need help with VDL sound set 6.0 in Sibelius

I'm trying to set my playback configuration in Sibelius 6. When I bring up the playback screen it gives me 2 kontakt player options (VST and AU) but both sound sets are set to VDL 2.5 instead of VDL soundset 6.0a. How do I get Kontakt player 2.4.2 to show the correct soundset?
Did you copy/paste the xml file (VDL_SoundSet_6.0a.xml) into the following folder?

  /Users/[i]your username[/i]/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Sibelius 6/Sounds

If you copied the file over while Sibelius was open, you'll need to do a restart of the software so it can load it.
I'm sorry but i'm a little computer illiterate. I tried looking for users/username/Library/Application Support/Sibelius Software/Sibelius 6/Sounds in my finder and it doesn't give me anything but the readme file. I'm not sure how to restart the software because i've closed Sibelius several times and it still doesn't seem to load, i've also tried to find the zip file and that doesn't show either.
thanks for your help
[quote author=thundersnare link=topic=3983.msg20952#msg20952 date=1302109275]
i've also tried to find the zip file and that doesn't show either.

To look for the zip file try this:

Use the GO menu at the top of your screen (you must be in the Finder, not within an application)

Select HOME and open the Downloads folder

Do you see the zip file there? If not, then either you deleted the file, moved to another location, downloaded it to someplace other than this default location, or some combination of these.
I can't find that zip file anywhere, I downloaded the template then copied it and put it in an applications folder with the rest of the items I needed to run the programs. I'm afraid to delete the program and download it again and have to pay for it twice.
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