going mental with 2.5.2 (Channel numbers in Finale)

I just cant get this program add on to work!!!
SOmetimes I get ALL the battery right, but no ";keyboards";
The next time, I get ";keyboards"; and Battery, but no rack or timpani... actually, this last time, my timp were marimba, and my racks were variations of timpani sounds...
I know theres someone out there that can help an idiot like me....
please tell me VDL was not a waste of money!!!!
if there is someone who could help or direct me to an ";idiots guide to VDL";, it would be GREATLY appreciated!  
According to some of the other posts you've made, it sounds like you're still fairly new to this whole VDL thing. And as such, you have a learning curve to get through. Don't be in a big hurry to be an expert by tomorrow, it's probably not going to happen.

And like [url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=3784.msg19978#msg19978]Jim said[/url], you're not an idiot. Just be patient in your learning and you'll be up and running before you know it.

OK, to answer your post:

  1. Are you using the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/VDL-Template-for-Finale-2009-pr-93.html]Finale 2009 VDL template[/url]?

  2. VDL was not a waste of money. (Unless you just plan to use the box it came in as a chain saw and the disc as a coaster.)

  3. I'm not aware of a book out there that would fill that void, but one of the Finale guys may just jump on that as a working title.


thanx for help, yes i did get the templates. and the funny thing is, the finale guys told me yo come here! haha
it's just a little frustrating. i guess what i need to do, is write down the things ive tried and see what the results are.
see, im not sure if i need to ";import libraries";? some of the template staves load VDL automatically, but when i try to change the staff sounds, they dont....  ive had VDL since last year, and every time i try to use it, i get frustrated and stay away for a while,,,,
[quote author=ikqdrum link=topic=3991.msg20995#msg20995 date=1303558736]
i guess what i need to do, is write down the things ive tried and see what the results are.

Yes, that would be useful to the people on here that are going to be able to help you (which is not me). Be as detailed as you can. Include screen shots if you think they are pertinent. ([url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1410.msg6399#msg6399]Read this[/url].)

The Finale VDL-ers will show up to try to assist you once you have given them something to work with.

Oh, and you'll want to use complete sentences and proper punctuation - some of the forum members will ignore posts if they can't read 'em.
Thank you for the advice. I will try to list everything out as best as I can.
Here is step by step of what i have tried. Am I missing something?
�ۢ Used LAUNCH SCREEN to open template.
�ۢ Opened AU Panel. I picked KONTAKT then EDIT
�ۢ Picked multis > Finale Specific > Basic Battery/pit> clicked NO in dialog box
�ۢ KONTAKT loaded
Snare, Tenors, BDs, Glock... loaded and sound FINE
VIBES 1&2 sound as Xylo with soft/med mallets
MARIMBA 1&2 sound as vibes
Timpani sound as vibes
PERC 1 rack sound as Marimba with soft mallets and they have various note head shapes
PERC 2 set sound as Timpani with a FEW note head shapes
SYNTH 1 sounds as Concert percussion instruments
SYNTH 3 sounds as mostly wood blocks
Guitar sounds as metallic percussion instruments
three more attachments next post
three more pictures / screenshots
My guess is that the order is messing you up with what you have in the Kontakt Player.  If you load the sounds in order in KP2 they will get assigned channels 1,2,3,etc.  Right now your Vibes are Channel 7 (they are the 7th bank), and your vibes are Channel 5.  If you look at the Instrument List, you will see that these channels do not line up.  

In KP2, there is a small + to the far right of the instrument bank.  When clicked, it will change to a - and expand the sound.  You can expand this and make sure it is set to the same channel that Finale is set to for that instrument, or easier yet, change the channel in Finale to match what KP2 says.  

Hope that helps.  I usually will create my own multis, because then I can add the sounds in order and they will match, but this way is fine, you just have to double check the channels.
Coach is correct. The problem is the order in which the sounds are being loaded into KP2. They don't match the score order from the template. Rather than using the multi it would be better to load the instruments in the order they appear in the score.

You didn't mention which template you were using but looking at your reply from this morning I'd guess you are working with the indoor template. To get the synth staves to playback correctly you will need to use the general midi sounds or another library and load those into the second bank of 16 channels. This is presuming you don't have another KP2 compatible library. The guitar and bass instruments are available in VDL 2.5.2 so they can be assigned to an open midi channel in that first bank of 16.

It is a lot of material to digest and frustration is common in the early stages of working with software based libraries beyond the stock Finale sounds. Even they can get confusing. Let us know how things are progressing and continue to ask questions and say what steps you've taken and tell us the results. 
Also, you have two bass guitar lines, and one is muted.  (Channel 14)  I am guessing this is why you are not hearing bass guitar - because they are sharing the same channel.  I like to keep each player (if you will) on a separate channel so that things like dynamics, etc can be independent of each other.
Just to be clear, the second bass staff is for tab notation. It is part of the original template and muted on purpose.
Ah....see there ya go. I haven't used that particular template so I didn't know that. Thanks for clarifying, Ted. And that would not mute all Channel 14 (not sure what I was thinking there  LOL)  :) - it has been a while.

I would check and make sure that you actually have something loaded for Channel 14 for your Bass Guitar using the screenshot and directions above.  This is probably the cause of no sound here.
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