Dotted Notes Not Showing

Gentlemens -

I recently upgraded from Sibelius 5.2.1 to Sibelius 6.2 on my 15"; MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz, 4 gig 667 RAM). Running the latest version of VDL on the old 5.2.5 template (which I've adapted for use with Sib. 6). I do not know if this is a VDL-related problem or not, but I thought I would give it a try here, since I cannot locate a solution in the Sibelius Forums.

When I place a dot after any note (to increase its value by 1/2), the dot does not show up. I have attempted to reinstall the fonts, and after a restart of the software, the dots will appear. However, if I close the file and open a new one and try again - they disappear once more.

Does anyone have a possible solution? Thanks.
I don't believe I've heard of this problem.

Does this also occur in files that originate in Sibelius 6? (Not with the template.)

Oh, wait, I remember. You may want to look at [url=]this thread[/url]. The Mac 10.6.7 update was causing some font problems for Sibelius users. Justin posted a link to a patch toward the end of that thread.

Let us know if that fixes it.
Problems solved. You guys are great!
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