Sibelius Timesaver - Re-input Pitches

When you have sections of music in which each instrument plays the same music but has different pitches (i.e. battery unison phrases), you can simply copy that music from stave to stave and use Notes>Re-input pitches (Shift+Ctrl+I/Shift+Command+I) as a note entry method.  This will only change the note names and take you to the next note, automatically jumping over the rests. Huge timesaver!

[b]Shameless Plug[/b]
The preceding was taken from ";Mastering Sibelius 6"; by Gabriel Cobas available hard copy and on Kindle

Gabe, I can't believe in all these years of using the software I never discovered that. Thanks for the tip!
Ditto that. This is a nice hidden gem I wasn't aware of either. Thanks for pointing this out, Gabe!
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