Finale 2011 adding VDL staves to previously created Finale files

Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble adding VDL instrument staves that are properly laid out in a finale 2011 file score that was sent to me.  I am trying to write a drum line book by adding it to the pit book which was already created in Finale. I have a Mac OSX 10.6.7 and use Finale 2011 and the VDL template that comes with Finale 2011.

When I try to add VDL instruments to the already created file, this shows up:

Missing requested Audio Unit instrument plugin: MakeMusic: SmartMusicSoftSynth for bank #1, 2, 3, and 4


The Percussion Layout(s) cannot be found for “VDLite Snareline.” You can:
- Select a new Document Style,
- Select a new instrument, or
- Manually set up or load the Percussion Layout.

Please let me know what I need to do in order to properly add VDL instruments to this file so that they actually sound like drumline instruments.



Was the original Finale file, the one sent to you, created with a Tapspace template (like the ones you purchased)?

Are you attempting to add the battery instruments with the Wizard or adding them manually?

From reading your post, it appears that you are attempting to add your battery parts to the pit score but the pit score was not created using a Tapspace template. If this is the case, then the library files (the xml, text expressions, and layouts) need to be loaded into the pit score file.
Thanks for the advice, you were right!  I had to load the libraries to the pit score.

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