strange cymbal roll problem

Hello everyone.  I've encountered a strange problem that I can't find an answer to.

I'm using a mac, with VDL 2.5 and Finale 2010b.  I am using the templates, but have made changes to fit the group I'm writing for.

I'm working on a score at the moment, and having finished the keyboard stuff, I'm going back to add in the auxiliary stuff (wood block, bass drum etc).  I'm trying to write a 2 bar (4/4) cymbal swell that is choked on the down beat of the 3rd bar (dramatic silence after a fat quarter note in the brass).  Using the ";sustained roll muted release"; sound from the suspended cymbal bank, I'm getting a bizarre clicking sound at the end of the roll.  It only happens when I use a whole note roll (a dotted half note doesn't do it for example), but since I want the release to be on 1, I kind of need the roll to end there.  I have tried a dotted half note tied to a quarter note with the same sound resulting.  I've also tried the same sound in other places in the score.  Does anyone have a possible explanation for this?


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