Rack Combos & Finale 2011

I have set up everything correctly with VD and Finale 2011.  All of the sounds work and everything is notated correctly EXCEPT for the rack combos. 

I understand that the template for Finale 2011b is set to work only with VD Lite.  I assume this doesn't include any rack combos. 

Are there any fixes for this dilemma?  I need a rack combo staff with cr cym, sus cym rolls, mark tree, BD, tam-tam etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The Templates for Finale (I use 2010B but I'm sure that the 2011 template is similar in this regard) include two rack combo staves (accessories) at the bottom of the score all set up and ready to go (Rack A and Latin, if memory serves).  So all you have to do is load those instruments into KP2 and make sure you have the channels set correctly in the Instrument List to match the channels assigned to those racks in KP2.  If you want to substitute other Racks or Combos for those that were pre-set in the template, you will have to create a New Instrument in the Instrument List, assign it a midi map in both the New Instrument Dialogue box AND make sure that it shows up in the midi-map assingment column all the way to the right in the Instrument List Dialogue box (should happen automatically).  Then, using the staff tool, open up the Staff Attributes for that staff and change the percussion map to the corresponding VDL2.5 Rack/Combo map in the drop down menu. 

Have you done these steps?  If so, and you aren't getting proper mapping and sounds for you selected Rack / Combo, then something else is awry in the set-up.

Now you use the Finale Help and the Read Me documentation which came with the template and learn how to make these changes.
Great! So now what? 

The templates are set to work with the FULL version of VDL, not the Lite version which comes with Finale. Rack Combos are set up in the same manner as any other non-pitched percussion staff.
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