Finale 08 and VDL2 kontakt player conflict

The Kontakt player for the garritan sounds that come with finale 08 keeps popping up instead of the VDL player and I can't get the VDL sounds to load into the finale kontakt player. Does that make snese? Any help available? I know I pretty out-dated but it's all I have at the moment :-)

Aaron Savage
Great! Glad to hear you're on track.

Yes - accents and taps are created through key velocity. Meaning, when the key is struck softer, it triggers a softer velocity than when struck harder. Accents in Finale will automatically increase the velocity of the notes they're attached to.

You should hear different results by entering dynamics into your music (i.e., p, mf, ff). If you want more refined control (like lowering unaccented taps), you can use Finale's MIDI Tool to raise or lower key velocities for any notes. Values would be between 1 (lowest/softest), and 127 (highest/loudest). You may want to aim for a value of around 60 for typical tap heights.
That did it! Thanks a lot! One more ?, is there anyway to change the volume levels to make accents louder or ";taps"; softer? Like if I wanted it to sound like a 12in accent and a 3in tap, rather than a 9in accent and a 6in tap?
If you're using VDL2, you'd actually load an instance of the VDL2 Plugin (VST if your on PC, or AU if you're on Mac). If you aren't sure what that means, check into your Finale documentation about using VST or Audio Units with Finale.
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