Intrument list with finale 08

Is there a way to have the VDL instruments imported into the finale instrument list so they can be selected from the ";setup wizard"; ? I'm having a hard time mapping all of the sounds where they need to be on the staff because the VDL mapping isn't showing up for some reason.


Aaron Savage
If you are working with the Finale 08 template the mapping is already included in the file. To directly answer the question, you don't import the VDL instruments to that list. They actually have to be added to the .txt document as well as a couple others to insure that all of the staves display correctly. Even then, this instrument list does not include the percussion maps.
What files do you have to copy for the staves to show up correctly?
Are you using the Tapspace/VDL Finale template? The template for Finale 2008 is still available on this site and is free of charge. Otherwise I suggest you read the Finale manual on setting up percussion maps with Finale 2008.
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