Tenor Buzz Rolls

My tenor buzz rolls are playing back so softly they are barely audible. I've read and researched on the TapSpace forum but haven't turned anything up. I've deleted and re-entered the notes, but as soon as I put the ";Z"; on the stem from the keypad the playback goes from normal to impossible to hear. I've also tried adjusting the live playback velocity, but that didn't make a difference. This isn't happening with snare rolls, and didn't happen before an upgrade to Sibelius 6.
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In your signature you say you are using Kontakt Player version 2.2.3. You'll definitely want to be using the latest version, which I believe is Kontakt Player 4 is another option as well. In addition to running the latest playback device, make sure you are using the latest version of VDL, library version 2.5.2. That update fixed most if not all of the volume issues.

If that's not the solution, let us know.

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