EWQL PLAY vst in Finale with Windows 7 64-bit?

I've heard other people speak about using EWQL sound libraries on here before, so I thought I might ask about my current dilemna...

I am using Windows 7 x64.  For this reason, the only version of the PLAY audio engine that I am able to use is the 64-bit version.  Finale doesn't seem to want to use this.  I also had this problem while trying to host PLAY in Forte 2, but was able to get that to work using jBridge.  However, when I use jBridge to bridge and create a ";32-bit"; vst file and then install it in Finale's VST Plugins folder, it does not work.

All this to say...Is anyone currently using the EastWest PLAY audio engine in Finale?  Any ideas for what I may be doing wrong or how I could make this work?

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