speedy entry/ledger lines

Ok, so I am using 2.5, midi keyboard, and finale 2011. I am also using the new template.

When I try to use speedy entry the sound plays correctly, but the note ends up on a ledger line. How do I fix this? My octave key isn't depressed on the midi keyboard, btw ( of course this would produce a different sound anyways. )

Thanks in advance!!!
Check to make sure that the correct percussion midi map is selected in both the staff tool and in the instrument list. This is especially true if you have changed the instrument from the default assigned to that staff.
Thanks for the quick response.

In the staff tool, VDL snareline manual full/lite is selected. And in the instrument list the Percussion Midi Map is VDL snareline. They both match......any other ideas?

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you about this issue. In the Instrument List make certain that you have selected the VDL Snareline Manual map. This is different from the Tapspace Drumline for Finale map which is named VDLite Snareline.
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