Been at this all day...

1 - VDL Version: 2.5
2 - Kontakt Player: Version 2.2.4
3 - Sibelius or Finale: Sibelius 6
4 - Computer specs - Windows Vista
5 - Using VDL as a plug in for Sibelius 6

I've been through the forum, faq's, Google searches, your delightful manual, NI forums....

I cannot get Sibelius to stop giving me the ";newer version of Kontact..."; error message.
Also, the choice of ";Virtual Drumline"; is not given to me in the template portion of Sibelius.
(the part in the top right hand corner where you choose what kind of ensemble you want)
So, essentially. I can't get your [b]wonderful[/b] product to work.
(I'm not being sarcastic, I'm really am excited to use it)

Yes, I bought the template from the Write Stuff folks. I followed their directions SEVERAL times to the letter.

I've done the ";copy and paste fiesta"; with the ";Kontactplayer2.dll";.
Now, I haven't been able to find the ";Kontact2.dll"; anywhere. Trust me, I've looked..just like the FAQ and he manual told me to. Watched the videos and read just about everything on the subject I could.

I have reinstalled both Sibelius, and virtual drumline and Kontact more times today than I'd care to remember.

I would really like some assistance here...please?

Don't flame me. I read all of your stuff. Paid my money for the ride....

Thanks a bunch.


Hi Dickie,

Thanks for writing and for including some information about what you've been experiencing.

I would suggest a few things for starters. This will require a few steps, so being patient and methodical as you do these may help remedy the problem.

1) Update to VDL 2.5.1 by downloading the installer via Service Center, and running the installer.

2) Once you've updated to 2.5.1, then update the VDL library to 2.5.2. This updater uses a slightly different process to upgrade, but the instructions are included with the download. It's available [url=]here[/url].

3) In the Sibelius program folder, locate the spot where Sibelius scans for VST plugins. Within this folder, it's critical to have the current KontaktPlayer2.dll file. If it's not at least version 2.2.4, you'll need to copy it to this location for the library to work properly. You can check this by selecting ";view properties"; on this file.

Please note: Kontakt 2 and Kontakt Player 2 are actually two different products. If you haven't purchased the full version of Kontakt 2, don't worry about it. Just stick to working with Kontakt Player 2.

Be sure to reboot after doing these various steps before checking if your results have changed. If you're still experiencing problems, please let us know what your seeing and include the specific results. Most likely, it's just a couple little odd files that aren't quite located in the correct spots.
I'm grateful for the information and humbled by your quick response.
Going to give it another shot this evening.
(I've got a space-aged Arabic /Oriental show to write!)

Happy to help, Dickie. Hang in there! I'm sure we can get it all sorted out...especially knowing there's a space-aged Arabic/Oriental show on the other end. Sounds interesting!
And.....I'm a moron.
This we definitely and example of [b]T.S.T.U.*[/b]

Thank you for taking the time to baby step it with me.


[b]*Technology Superior To User[/b]

Ha. No worries, Dickie. I have that experience often! Glad to hear you're on track!
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