Parse error

I attached the picture of this parse error I'm getting that I've never seen before today. In addition to the error it freezes up finale when I click ok.  How do you fix this?  BTW this is on my Laptop.
Scott - I'm not exactly sure what may be causing that. It looks like you're using Kontakt 2 (rather than Kontakt Player). This should be fine.

For starters, (if you haven't already) I'd suggest updating Kontakt to at least version 2.2.4. When doing this, it's also important to be sure you've copied the updated Kontakt2.dll file into the VST folder that Finale uses to ensure Finale is using the updated version of Kontakt.

I'd also recommend you update your VDL library to version 2.5.2 (if you haven't already). That can be found on the [url=]";Downloads and Updates";[/url] page on the Tapspace site and includes instructions for installing it.

Once you've done all this, be sure to reboot your machine before trying again.

One other thing you may want to try is using Kontakt 4. Using it in ";player mode"; with VDL you won't need to purchase the full version of Kontakt 4, but you may find the software functions a bit more smoothly than Kontakt 2. The VDL 2.5.2 library is compatible with it. You can find a link for downloading that on the [url=]";Downloads and Updates";[/url] page
Also, Native Instruments is running a special right now where they're giving 50% off on upgrades of various software - one of which is Kontakt 4. You could upgrade to Kontakt 4 for under $80.
Thanks for the pointers Jim.  I did everything you suggested and when I updated to Kontakt 4 the error went away!
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