TenorLine Auto places drum 2 note on drum 1 space

I'm using a midi keyboard for input into Finale 2010 on a Mac. I've set the instrument list to TenoreLine Auto and when hitting the ";C"; key on the keyboard the right sound comes out but the note is inputted as a drum 1 note on the ";E"; line. Also, the spock notes show up on the ";B"; and ";A"; locations above the staff. This seems to be a step to high. Maybe that's right (I'm new to using VDL). One thing that I have noticed is in the instrument list the snareline auto R/L shows the R/L but the tenorline auto does not. Hope this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.
Just to verify, are you using the VDL/Finale 2010 templates? If you are then use the Staff Tool> Edit Staff Attributes> Tenor staff (in this case)> Notation and check the Percussion Layout. since you're using the Auto instruments select that layout. This would be a good time to check the other battery instruments. The templates use the Manual instruments rather than the Auto, so the layouts need to be changed.
Thanks for the reply. Sorry I left some things out. I'm using Finale 2010b.r1, VDL 2.5.2 template 2010b and Kontakt 2. In the instrument list they appear as: VDL Snareline Auto RL, VDL Tenorline Auto and VDL Bassline Auto. In the Percussion Layout selection they appear as: VDL2.5 Snareline AutoRL, Tenorline (AutoRL) (MW KS) and Bassline (AutoRL) (MW KS). The bass and snare sound and input seems to be working properly with no glitches. It's just the tenors with the issue.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the additional information. It sounds like the layout has become corrupted somehow. Follow these steps to fix the layout:

Staff Tool > Edit Staff Attributes > select Tenors for 'Staff Attributes For:' > Notation Style (should already say Percussion) > click the Select button > click on the VDL2.5 Tenorline (AutoRL) (MW KS) Layout > click Edit > this brings up the Percussion Layout Designer box.

From within the dialog box you'll be able to edit the map.
I went in and looked at the Percussion Layout Designer Box. Everything seems to be in order. I'm not sure what I would change or do once I'm there.
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