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Some of my VDL instruments won't work at all or will only respond to one key.  I went to the mixer on Sibelius and i tested the sound and sound came through, but when i would go to the piano to enter my key no sound would come out. Please help!

I just sent you an email in response to yours. Please check and reply.
Yes i have Kontakt player 2 assigned in the playback.  How exactly do i get a picture on here?  I looked exactly where you're talking about though and Kontakt is there.  Some instruments will play perfectly , but others will only play some notes or none at all.  For example the concert bass on VDL will only play the f, which is a staccato hit.  If i were to try and get a muted staccato hit it would create the note on the page, but no sound would come out.  Like i said other instruments won't play at all.  The suspended cymbals won't play any notes at all.  I went and checked at the mixer to test the sound.  Sound cam out of the mixer, but it is not coming out on the page.
Exactly which template are you using?

Do you have the ";VDL SoundSet 6.0x"; assigned to your Playback Configuration? (Take a screenshot of your playback configuration and attach it to your post.)

Are you sure you are using instruments from the correct Family? (Select from the ";- VDL Template 6.0x"; Family.)

Please [url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1410.0]give us more information[/url] so we can help you troubleshoot.
yes i am.  Thats what makes it even more confusing.
Are you using the template? You can find it [url=http://www.thewritescore.com/sibelius-vdl-template-60b.html]here[/url].
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