VDL Instruments

Some of my VDL instruments won't work at all or will only respond to one key.  I went to the mixer on Sibelius and i tested the sound and sound came through, but when i would go to the piano to enter my key no sound would come out. Please help!
Are you using the template? You can find it [url=http://www.thewritescore.com/sibelius-vdl-template-60b.html]here[/url].
yes i am.  Thats what makes it even more confusing.
Exactly which template are you using?

Do you have the ";VDL SoundSet 6.0x"; assigned to your Playback Configuration? (Take a screenshot of your playback configuration and attach it to your post.)

Are you sure you are using instruments from the correct Family? (Select from the ";- VDL Template 6.0x"; Family.)

Please [url=https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1410.0]give us more information[/url] so we can help you troubleshoot.
Yes i have Kontakt player 2 assigned in the playback.  How exactly do i get a picture on here?  I looked exactly where you're talking about though and Kontakt is there.  Some instruments will play perfectly , but others will only play some notes or none at all.  For example the concert bass on VDL will only play the f, which is a staccato hit.  If i were to try and get a muted staccato hit it would create the note on the page, but no sound would come out.  Like i said other instruments won't play at all.  The suspended cymbals won't play any notes at all.  I went and checked at the mixer to test the sound.  Sound cam out of the mixer, but it is not coming out on the page.

I just sent you an email in response to yours. Please check and reply.
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