Making a New Song

Ok i just created a song on VDL Template, and now i want to create another song with the VDL Template.  My problem is that it keeps opening up the old song and when i get it to create a new score; all the VDL instruments are gone.
Ok good that worked thank you so much! :-)
Sounds like you didn't save your ";Old Song"; with a different name.  The template is a Sibelius file like the song you wrote.  Go back to your old song and press ";I"; for instruments.  Delete every instrument and the Load the instruments for your new song and then ";Save As.";  Name the file ";VDL template"; then go to File>Export>Manuscript Paper.  Now, the VDL Template will be available as manuscript paper when using the Quick Start feature.
I am using Sebelius.  Yeah i am opening the template for a new song.
Did open the template and then save it after you put in your music but not change the name?

What notation software are you using?

Are you opening a new template for each piece?
Oh and i tried to just delete all the instruments from the old score then create new ones for the new score, but the instruments wouldn't take the notes properly.  For instance, the snareline manual instrument was literally writing out notes.
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