Playback Anomalies/Bass

I am using Sibelius 6, Windows XP (with service pack 3), M-Audio Keystation 88es (for input), sufficient memory, IE 8 (not sure that matters) and using VDL 2.5.  When inputting notes on bass 5, the right hand input plays back the sound for bass 4, both during input AND during playback.  It also provides the same sound output when using my mouse/keypad to input that note.  Can I edit the instrument to playback the correct instrument?  I've looked and am hesitant to modify the specific voice/note head.

Second, unisons for bass; when inputting the unisons on the left hand (D3#), I hear the sound.  But when playing it back in the score, there is no sound for that note.  How do I fix that one also?

Hugh!  BINGO!

Works beautifully!! 

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1) Sounds to me like you might not have the correct sound set applied to your instance of KP2 in your Playback Configuration for whatever version of the Template you are using. Reviewing Appendix A should get you squared away with that, if that's in fact what the problem is.

2) If you're using VDL Template 5.2.5 in Sibelius 6, you'll want to change the setting for notehead 28.

  1. Go to [b]House Styles > Edit Noteheads[/b], scroll down to notehead 28, select it, and click [b]Edit[/b].
  2. Place a check next to [b]Transposes[/b].
  3. Place a check next to [b]Play[/b].
  4. Click [b]OK[/b]. Click [b]Close[/b].

  Now those notes should playback properly in your score.

And if neither answer gets things fixed, you know where to find us. ;)
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