Sequencing Software

I'm looking into getting some sequencing software with the primary intention being making my VDL recordings alot better than Sibelius puts out.  I've checked out the tutorial Jesse Mattson had up here a long time ago and everything seems fairly easy with any program.  Right now I'm up in the air between Logic 9 Studio and Cubase 6.  Anyone with knowledge of these programs know if one is easier to integrate and edit with VDL than the other?  Any help would be much appreciated.
I've personally only used Logic, but I have a good friend who used Logic for close to 10 years and switched to Logic this year. He said he'll never consider going back to Cubase simply because Logic seems much more intuitive and it also comes included with almost 40GB worth of samples and loops. And I honestly use the packaged Logic sounds for around 70% of my current projects, so those are great inclusions.

Logic is better as MIDI editing, while Cubase and stuff like protools are better at audio editing. If you're going to work almost entirely in MIDI, then Logic seems like the obvious choice to me. The support community is also great for both pieces of software, so you'll be good to go there.

That's a pretty barebones suggestions, but I have also spent the last year or so working in Logic and I love it - for what it's worth.
Yeah, Logic is a better choice for a Sibelius/VDL person in my opinion.  I would even use Ableton Live before considering Cubase again.  There's a free trial of it here: and lots of youtube training videos.  It may be the easiest audio program around.
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