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My computer had to be repaired about 3 months ago.  When I received it back, my VDL program was taken off.  I put the program back into my computer, but forgot where to put the sounds and the templates.  Now, to start a new score, I have to go to the template itself, which I put into the manuscript folder.  The sounds I put into the VST plugins.  Did I do this incorrectly?  I have watched Jim's video on how to install, but it is for mac.  I use a PC (Dell).  Please help.

Hi Dennis,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say you put the ";sounds"; into the VST Plugins. I assume you're referring to a VST Plugins folder for either Finale or Sibelius. If so, the file that needs to be copied there is the actual VST plugin. If you're using Kontakt Player 2, it'd be called [b]KontaktPlayer2.dll[/b].

This VST plugin has nothing to do with a Finale or Sibelius template. The VST Plugin is what allows Kontakt Player to be hosted within your notation program. Assuming you have that in place, and assuming your VDL sounds are loading properly within Kontakt Player (I suggest testing this in standalone mode first, by simply launching Kontakt Player and loading some VDL sounds and auditioning them), then you should be all set from the VDL side of things.

As far as the template, you can either store that as file you open when starting a new project, or like you said, saving it as a Manuscript Paper (I guess that means you must be using Sibelius :).

Hope this helps!
It certainly shouldn't hurt anything if you decide to reinstall VDL. If you do, I would recommend you take a little extra time to install the various library updates as well. You can find information on those here:

If you've used templates in the past, just keep in mind, those aren't technically a part of VDL and would need to be handled separately.
I finally found out my problem.  When my computer was repaired, the technician took out the kontactplayer.  I reinstalled it, but never activated it.  Now, I am trying to contact native instruments because my email address has changed and I cannot access the old one.  Due to this, I am unable to get the activation info.

I think once I can get this straightened out, things should be working.  (Crossing my fingers)
Glad to hear you're making progress, Dennis! Send me a PM with your serial number, and the different email addresses that may have been (or should be) affiliated with your account, and I'll see if I can get you squared away sooner.

I sent you a PM.  Thanks again for all of your help.


It's working.  Thanks for your help!  I do need to adjust some of the notation a bit, but overall its working.

Again, my sincere thanks!

Wonderful! Glad to help, Dennis!
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