problem with kontakt player 2

I've had a bit of a problem with the VDL sounds cutting out at times.  I opened up the kontakt player and received the following message:

";Attention! Locking memory does not seem to work properly.  Under certain circumstances, this might result in bad performance, notes being cut off or other artefacts.  Please make sure that you are logged in with Administrative priviledges!";

I'm not sure how or where to log in at.  What do I need to do to correct this?

Does this happen on a personal computer or one you use at school/work? Also, have you applied all KP2 updates?
This is happening at my home computer and I need to update my kontakt player.  I'm thinking of upgrading to kontakt player4.

I'm not quite sure what may be causing that error, but found a post from NI about it on their forums here:

If sticking with Kontakt Player 2, be sure you're running at least version 2.2.4. You can do this by running the VDL 2.5.1 library updater (which is downloadable via Service Center under ";Content Updates). Once you've run that installer (if you haven't already), your Kontakt Player should be updated to v 2.2.4.

Keep in mind, if you're using Finale or Sibelius, they typically look for the VST file for KP2 within their own respective ";VSTPlugins"; folder. So you may have to copy the KontaktPlayer2.dll file (this is the VST Plugin), from the Native Instruments>Konatkt Player 2>VST Plugins folder into your Finale or Sibelius ";VSTPlugins"; folder. Doing this will ensure your notation program is pointing to a current flavor of the upgraded Kontakt Player.

Using [url=]Kontakt 4 Player[/url] may also be worth exploring if your computer is compatible.

It seems to be working now. Thanks! 

However, I have one more problem.  When I am playing back my full score (including winds/percussion), the percussion will hesitate playing for a bit and then come back and do this again.  When I play the percussion parts by themselves, there is no problem.  Winds by themself, no problem.  When I combine them, I have this problem.  How can I solve this?


It's tough to tell for sure, but what you're describing sounds like a polyphony issue. When many voices get playing at the same time, your processor can have a tough time keeping up, particularly if you're using an older system.

It's possible you can remedy this by slightly increasing the latency in your soundcard settings from within the program you're hosting Kontakt Player. Increasing latency can sometimes give your processor a little extra breathing room when processing large amounts of audio in real time.

Here are a few FAQs that may be helpful:

[url=]Achieving best performance.[/url]

[url=]Questions about Soundcards[/url]

[url=]What is latency?[/url]


I'll let you know what happens. 


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