Unable to find sounds in Sibelius on my new MacBook.


first off, I want to thanks everyone who contributes to this site for all the help they've ever provided.

I'm currently trying to set up Virtual Drumline in my new MacBook Pro and I'm running into an issue where Sibelius can't find my sounds. I've applied all of the latest updates for 2.5.2 as well as Sibelius 6.2 on my Mac. I have the Playback devices in Sibelius set to use the AU Kontakt Player plugins and I have the Sibelius 6.0a template appearing in the playback settings.

I believe I have everything in Sibelius set correctly for the playback. I feel like this is probably a simple fix to move a folder to certain location so they will be found but macs are very new to me as a Windows convert. The Tapspace folder is currently located in my Applications Folder and when I open the Kontakt Play itself, I do see the 2.5.2 label with all of the instruments.

I've been searching through the forum to find the solution but I just haven't seemed to stumble across it yet.

Any ideas on what I need to do?
Since you can see the library with KP2 in standalone, do the patches in fact load correctly from there?

Is either Sibelius or KP2 giving you any error messages? Or are you just not getting any sounds during playback?

I'm getting an error that the sounds cannot be found when they try to load into the application. It seems to think the samples are missing. I'll try attaching the screen shot of the box that appears.
Ah, OK. That's the ";Samples Missing"; error from KP2.

Reading [url=https://www.tapspace.com/support/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=4&id=90]this FAQ[/url] may get you going. Otherwise, do a search on the forum for ";samples missing";.
Thanks a lot. I think this should fix it.

From looking at it, I had 2 problems, the Kontakt Player was pointed to the wrong location and the .nkx files didn't get copied into my Applications folder.

The files are transferring now so I test it again once the files are fully moved.
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