Finale 2011 Crashing on Speedy Entry

This is for those savvy Finale guys...:)

When I click on a measure with the Speedy Entry tool highlighted, Finale crashes.  It seems to be just happening on the file I am currently working on.  It doesnt seem to happen on other files that I open up.  I uninstalled Finale 2011b and just reinstalled the version off of the disc and it still occured.  On my last attempt, I clicked on a few bars and it didnt crash.  I then copied notes from one bar to another.  Then I clickled on a measure with the Speedy entry tool highlighted, it crashed.  So it seemed like just the act of copying notes over effected Finale.  I have tried to eliminate all options for what could be causing Finale to crash but I just cant come up with anything. 

Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much!
If you open the Instrument List (Window Menu > Instrument List), is there anything selected under the Perc MIDI Map option for that staff? If so, is it in italics?
It doesnt matter what staff I click on.  The only things that are under Perc Midi Map are my battery instruments and the rack instruments.  They are not italicized. 

It was crashing on marimba or synth or whatever it wanted. 
Sent you a PM.
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