VDL2.5/Finale Volume Issues

Happy Thursday,

I am using Finale 2008 with various interactive virtual instruments such as Kontakt 3, VI One, Garritan, and of course VDL2.5. Out of all the racks, I'm not getting much volume from the VDL2.5 rack when I play it through Finale. I've tried tweaking the volume within Kontakt but when I play it through Finale, the volume is cut to nothing forcing me to turn my monitors all the way up (which is not good for the speakers or neighbors!) What is the best solution for increasing the volume for the VDL2.5 rack?


Justin Johnson

First make certain that you've updated VDL to the most recent version. It will have Finale specific instruments to deal with this specific issue. Let us know where things stand after that.
Thanks Ted! I didn't know that there was another update towards the VDL2.5 engine. That's what I get for not keeping up with tapspace, geezzz.....lol.

Let us know if you have any problems after the update.
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