Poll: Use of VDL1 patches in VDL 2.5

Hi everyone

I'm trying to get of sense of how many VDL-ers still use the VDL1 patches / instruments within VDL 2.5. In Kontakt Player these show up as: [b]SnareLine VDL1 (MW)[/b], [b]TenorLine VDL1 (MW)[/b], [b]Bassline VDL1 (MW)[/b] and [b]Cymbal Line VDL1[/b]. The following question is in the context of the development of the next generation of VDL templates for Sibelius.

[b]Do you use the VDL1 instruments at all in your writing?[/b] (Yes/No)

These patches were incorporated into VDL2 (and 2.5) as sort of ";legacy"; patches that would help for backward compatibility. This could prove helpful in cases where old scores (originally written for VDL1 sounds/mapping) were being used to play back sounds from the VDL2 (or 2.5.x) library in the Kontakt Player environment.
Sorry Jim, I could have been more clear. I have edited the original post to help clarify why I'm asking the question. (Even though this question may apply to future templates for the Finale side also. ??)
No worries, Hugh! I'm fairly certain those VDL1 patches go largely unused. Just thought I'd chime in with my rationale for them being there.

Everyone else, please feel free to chime in so Hugh can use your feedback towards future template development.

Nope, never.
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