VDL Template for Sibelius 6

I downloaded the Template for VDL on Sibelius 6 from the Write Score and followed all the instructions in the Read-me to install it. When I open the score and select ";Create > Instruments";, the ";Choose From"; box does not contain VDL Template 6.0b like the Read-me said it would. Before that it says to ";open up the Template"; file, and I'm not sure what it ment by this. I figured it just meant to open Sibelius. Any help on the matter would be appreciated! Thank you!
In line with what Jim said, I highly recommend creating a Manuscript Paper based off of the template - can save time and is just overall easier when starting a new score. You can find instructions for doing so in Appendix C of the Readme file.

Come on over to the [url=http://www.thewritescore.com/forum/]TWS Forum[/url] for any other template related support needs.

There should be a .sib file that came with the package you purchased from The Write Score. That's the template file. Once you open it, you can save it as a ";Manuscript Paper"; in Sibelius so it'll be available as a manuscript option any time you create a new file within Sibelius.

If you have other questions on implementing the template, The Write Score forum is at:

They should be able to help you get it further dialed in if you have other questions.
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