Finale 2011 - Score visible in Page View, but not in Scroll View

Posted this on the Finale Forum, but thought I would check with you folks as well.  Never had this problem before until tonight. I am using Finale 2011 with VDL 2.5.2 and the Finale 11 templates.  Using a Mac with latest Snow Leopard.  I added wind staves at the top so that I could write with the wind parts.  Now that I'm finished, I created a percussion score & then deleted the wind staves at the top of a score.  I am now having issues with viewing it properly. I can see the entire score in Page View, but when I go to Scroll View it appears to be just a blank page.  All staves, notes, text, etc. is gone...blank sheet of paper.  Everything is fine in Page View and all of the parts works fine (can see in both views).  Just the full score in Scroll View is the issue. 

A couple folks on Finale Forum suggested to check the zoom (all was fine, 100% and tried zooming in & out), as well as make sure ";View All Staves"; was checked in the View menu. 

I'm stumped.  I've done the same thing (well at least I thought I did) for years with adding & deleting.  In fact, have done the same thing this summer for other shows.  Any ideas as to what I have done?


I've found an answer to this issue. While in Scroll View, use the Staff Tool and select Respace Staves. Then in the Set To Box delete the default 0 and replace it with 0. There is a rouge staff at the bottom of the score which you can now delete.

I presume since you also posted this question in the Finale/MakeMusic forums that you have seen this response. It has been posted here for others who may have this occur in the future.
TED!  I just wanted to thank you for this post because I spent HOURS trying to figure out what had happened to my scroll view and VOILA!  You solved it.  I know it has been many years since you posted this but it deserves being acknowledged as very worthwhile!  Cheers!  CubanBach1956
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