Snare Not Mapped Properly in Finale 2011

I've been using Virtual Drumline 2.5 in Finale 2011 and today I started having an issue where the snare will not map properly. It just the snare — all other voices are fine. I have the insrtument in Kontakt 4 and in the Staff tool set to the same library. The snare is showing up below the staff and the left hand has no note head. See attached screen shot - any ideas? Thanks.

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Check the Staff Tool > Staff Attributes > Notation just as you did to verify that you had the correct map you want to use. Once you have this box open and the map selected, click Edit. At this point check the various left hand sounds. Those that are missing note heads you can reset by selecting the correct notehead. If you are unsure of which notehead to use, it will be the same as the RH Hits. Also, if you would, create a new file with this same template and check to see if the same issue is occurring.
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