Suspended Cymbal Rolls do not play back correctly

I'm using...
Finale 2011b
VD 2.5.2
Outdoor Template for Finale 2011
Oxygen 25 Keyboard
Windows 7

Everything works as expected except for the cymbals on the rack combo.  I have it set to Rack Combo B.  The Kontakt 4 channels correspond with Finale's instrument list as channel 4.  All sounds on the rack combo work and are notated correctly except for suspended cymbals. 

When I enter them with the keyboard they sound fine, however, when they play back they are barley heard and NEVER crest.  This doesn't matter if the note is a whole, half or dotted half note it never crests.

I have the HP style set to marching band.  There are roll slashes to indicate a roll on all sus cym notes.  I put crescendos under all sys cym notes.  The HP preferences are set to ";humanize rolls";

Any ideas?

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