VDL piano and arpeggiation

I have written a piano part where the left hand plays dotted whole notes and the right hand play a series of ascending arpeggiated chords, each with a value of a dotted quarter. Time signature is 12/8. I then added a staff line in front of each right-hand chord: the vertical squiggly line (just below the 15vb line in the selection menu).

Sibelius plays this back with correct technique; each chord is rolled upwards. The problem is that the roll starts when the note on the page occurs. A real piano player would roll chords so that the end or the middle (depending on tempo and type of music) of the roll occurs on the beat. I thought I could easily fix this by adjusting the live start position of all of the chords, but as soon as I assign a live start position to the chords, Sibelius doesn't roll them. This occurs even if I set the live start position to a value of zero; as long as the box is checked the articulation isn't played back properly.

I could shift the entire part back a half a beat or so so it plays back rhythmically correct, hide the playback staff, turn off playback on the notation staff, etc. However, I'm looking for a quicker fix. Is there a reason this articulation won't work with live start position? Does this have anything to do with VDL or should I go ask on the Sibelius board?
It's just the way Sibelius works currently. However, you can adjust each individual note in a chord to make them arpeggiate when you want them to. If that is your goal, what will come in handy for you are the Harp plugins that are available from the Sibelius Plugin site.


There are a few others there that I use pretty regularly as well. Some of which are:
-Edit Instrument Names (http://www.sibelius.com/download/plugins/download.html?id=306)
-A few of the playback/export plugins they have here (http://www.sibelius.com/download/plugins/index.html?versionname=&category=11)
Thanks. In this case it was much easier to create a dedicated playback staff for the piano part and shift the entire thing back an 8th note.
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