Marimba rolls

What setting should I have my marimbas on to have good sounding rolls?
The xylo rolls sound fine, but marimba rolls don't. I tried experimenting with the mod wheel and other diddle/roll notation ornaments, but nothing has worked.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
If you're trying to access the sampled rolls, all you have to do is place either a 4 or 8 tremolo (2/3 slash) on the notes. Load up the Xylo and Marimba TriggerTest files for examples of this. In fact, the 3 part video on [url=]this page[/url] may have some useful information for you also. (The vid was made using VDL Template 5.2.5, but the info is still valid for 6.0b.)

The sampled rolls are either ";on"; or ";off";. If you're wanting to have more control over the meter of the rolls, there are a few topics in this forum that may help. Just do a search for: ";metered rolls";, ";meter rolls";, whatever.
Thanks, I'll give those suggestions a shot!
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