Bass Drum playing back as Snare

Suddenly, the Bass Drum (lite) sounds play back as the Snare Drum sounds. No clue how this happened. The bass sounds do not load on startup. Not sure if this is related, but the bass and snare sounds both occupy 'slot 2' in the mixer.

I am using the Sibelius 5 template modified for Sibelius 6. All sounds seemed to have been mapped properly prior to this event.

If anyone knows of a former thread covering this topic, please provide a link.

Thanks a million, you guys!

Thanks for that bit, Jim. You've reminded me that I still need to add that to the documentation somewhere.
Also, be sure each instrument (in the mixer) is set to ";(Auto)"; rather than trying to manually assign slots. It can be tempting to try to tweak with those settings, but doing so can interrupt the template's design to auto load instruments.
Make sure you have enough instances of Kontakt Player to handle the number of VDL instruments you have in your score. In this case, it sounds like you need to add one.
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