Concert snare drum using brushes

Hi.  Which key on my midi do I use to get a concert snare drum sound (using brushes)?  I know it is possible on drumset.


I'm not sure what version of Sibelius you're using, but Essentials has a few sounds that involve brushes that may get you by for now.
Yeah, I know what ya meant. And I know you knew what you meant. :)
[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=4081.msg21428#msg21428 date=1311295882]
(RAISE, not lower)

Thanks, Jim. That's what I meant.
Hey guys,

Yeah...we missed the brush boat, but it's definitely on the list of future wishes!

In the meantime, Bryan's suggestion for raising the attack knob (RAISE, not lower), will give you a softer attack. It's certainly not the real thing, but can definitely make a difference. To change it mid-score it during playback, you can enter this knob change into your score by increasing the value (between 1-127) for controller #26.

Thanks!  After I did the original post, I went back to my user guide and sure enough, didn't see any use of brushes.  Hey Jim, if you're reading this, please add some brushes to the next version of VDL.


Dennis, I think you might be mistaken. There aren't currently any instruments in VDL that were recorded with brushes. However, what you might try is lowering the attack knob on that instrument in Kontakt/Kontakt Player. That could possibly give you the desired soft attack that you might get from brushes, as opposed to sticks.
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