Keyswitching: Sibelius 6

I cannot seem to get key switching to function in the score. I saw previous posts about using a grace note where you want the switch to go but a note does not write into the score when I select C0 or D0 on my controller. Is there something different in 6?

Also, for some reason in this current score, snare drum buzz rolls are OTH shots (an octave down from the sustained buzz roll...)

Any thoughts???
Hi Ryan, welcome to the forum.

Since Sib 5, Sibelius is designed to handle all of that sort of thing for you if everything is setup properly. Are you using the template?
Hi Ryan, welcome to the forum!

In previous versions of Sibelius (4 and earlier) you did have to enter key switches via the method you describe. However, since the creation of SoundWorld you been able to use staff text (either Technique or Expression Text) to trigger key switches. For instance, when switching to puffies on the TenorLine or BassLine instruments, rather than having to enter a D0 to trigger the keyswitch, you're able to simply enter the text ";puffies"; and the change will occur. That assuming that you're using the Sibelius VDL Template previously sold here, and now sold by The Write Score.

As far as the OTH shots go, I'll have to do some investigating there.
Oh wow... Yes I am using the template. How do you go about entering that text into the score? Technique?

The OTH shots issue is only in this score. Any other score I attempt to write buzz passages, they work fine. Copying and pasting did not work.

Figured out the keyswitching.

Thanks for all of your help!!
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