Logic Express 9

We decided to go with logic express 9 (MacBook Pro) for our Front ensemble and its working great!

I was wondering if there is a way to use key-limits to use multiple instruments without switching tracks.
Example: Synth bass on C-1 to C0  and Orch Strings on D1 to B1 and Chimes C2 to F3
We have a couple of very young students using it, and thought this might make it much easier for them.

Asked on other forums with no response, so here is hoping you guys can help.


Woody, you could use the EXS24 sampler that comes with Logic. Just check out the documentation on how to set up your own patches for the XS24 sampler. Once you have set up your custom patch in Logic, you'll just need to load it onto an instrument strip in Mainstage.

If you have the full version of Kontakt, I'd recommend using that, as it's a bit easier to learn, but both would serve your purpose. However, both would be within the confines of the rules.
We went ahead and got Logic Studio. With a little bit of a leaning curve, its working great.  Thanks for the advice!

I am, however, having trouble trying to trigger audio files.  NC contest rules state...

"; All electronically produced music must be ���live,�۝ in ���real time,�۝ and be performed by a student. No prerecorded music is to be used. All electronic sound boards must be operated by students. Narration and sound effects may be prerecorded and used without penalty.";

I already have the audio file split into its various notes but need help figuring out how to trigger them in Main Stage.
Can i make the individual elements a ";Software Instrument";?


MacBook Pro
Logic Studio
Oxygen 49 
Thanks Bryan
To do that effectively, it would be easiest to just upgrade to the full version of Logic Studio and use Mainstage, as it is geared towards live performance. You can create ";concerts"; which would function as your show, then ";Patches"; that would function as your combinations and such. You can load individual channel strips that can have your effects and instruments loaded into them. The High and Low Key of those instrument channel strips can be edited within the Layer Editor of the inspector.

Hope this helps!
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