Mallet Glissandos?

Hey guys,

I'm running a MacbookPro with 4GB RAM 10.6.8 OSX. Sibelius 6 and VDL 2.5 with VDL 6.0a template.

I have a problem when it comes to copying and pasting mallet parts from a sibelius file to a file that was created on the VDL template. When the mallet parts are transferred, they turn all notes into glissandos. I tried messing with the noteheads, the playback devices...nothings working. My battery parts sound fine, but the mallets just aren't working. Help please. Thank you

- Corey Allen, Hawaii
Hi Corey,

Welcome to the forum! That issue arises when you copy music onto a staff that's not a VDL staff. Make sure that you create the staves from the VDL instruments in the Instrument dialog (the ";- VDL Template 6.0a"; group) then copy the music over.

This commonly presents itself when people receive a band score (that was started by a wind arranger not using the VDL template), then import the VDL House Style into the document from the VDL template as documented in the Template Readme. If you leave any of the existing mallet staves (rather than creating your own from the VDL template) you'll have issues like rolling marimbas and glisses on xylophones.

Hope this helps.
Ah hah!

Thank you! Life-saver....


- Corey
No problem, Corey. I'm glad you were able to get back up and running, gliss-free :)
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