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I wanted some input on selecting a keyboard that serves both as a midi controller for finale with VDL and as an 88 key keyboard that has a somewhat realistic piano action. I have an old Korg DSS-1 which has served me greatly over the years, but it only has 61 keys and no octave adjustment, which creates obstacles in VDL. I have an m-audio KeyRig 49 at work and just figured I would get the 88 key version for home. After reading the reviews about the action of the keys, I decided to spend a little more money to get a more realistic piano feel, so I got the Casio PX-130. Only when it came in did I realize that it did not have the midi controller which is a nice convenience for VDL. I might could deal with that, except that when inputting chords into speedy note entry, I have noticed that, sometimes, the computer will only pick up 2 notes of a triad (very annoying). Also it tends to get stuck on a midi note and I have to hit ";all notes off"; on a frequent basis. So I'm thinking of sending it back and getting the much cheaper Keystation 88es unless someone has a better suggestion without hitting 4 digits.

What I like about the Casio is the internal speakers, so I don't have to enter finale just to play piano. Portability is not an issue, as I would not dare expose the public to my playing. But being able to sit down with all 88 keys just to play for fun is nice. Top priority, however, is functionality with finale and VDL. Also I don't need all of the bells and whistles, just a piano sound with internal speakers, the midi controllers for VDL, touch sensitivity, and reasonably realistic key action. USB is nice, but I have a usb midi interface that is reliable, so I can run midi cables to that.

I appreciate any guidance.

I don't know much about it, but this looks like what you're trying to find and it's $549.

CME UF80 Classic: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UF80CL/
Thanks for responding Bryan.  Looks like it has everything but the internal speakers.  I'm going to keep looking.
I have a Yamaha P85 digital piano. It has internal speakers, 2 piano sounds, plus a few other sounds (vibe, harpsichord, organ, etc.). It has a MIDI interface but no USB. It has a graded hammer action that is pretty good for a not-real piano.

$450 on Amazon, perhaps slighly cheaper elsewhere. Obsoleted by P-95 model, so it's cheap now:
The M-Audio digital pianos are decent and have USB connectivity.

Thanks Guys.  Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my original post.  I said the Casio did not have a midi controller.  I should have been more specific and said it does not have a Modulator Wheel.  This is one of the features I would really like to have.  Unfortunately the two recommended above seem to lack that feature as well.  My research thus far has led me to believe the keyboards with a modulator wheel usually have semi-weighted keys instead of a hammer action which is a compromise I guess I can live with. 
I've had 3 M-Audio MIDI keyboards and a Trigger Finger, and all 4 were buggy and eventually took a crap on me.  I also haven't been happy with their drivers for... well, since they were ";midiman.";  Now I use a Yamaha digital piano (similar to Joe) and I have a MIDI to USB adapter that was about $5 on amazon.  If I need to use the mod wheel, I just enter that manually into the Sibelius score or whatever audio program I'm using.  I would much rather have something that felt almost identical to my actual Yamaha piano.
[quote author=J Mattson link=topic=4099.msg21501#msg21501 date=1312431070]
I've had 3 M-Audio MIDI keyboards and a Trigger Finger, and all 4 were buggy and eventually took a crap on me.

I've never known of a MIDI keyboard to behave so badly, but I guess there's a first for everything :)
I may have found a workaround for the internal speakers.  I've noticed that some keyboards that don't have internal speakers will have stereo outputs for monitors.  That could work.  I could still play on the keyboard without having to go into Finale.  I will have to go back and look at some of the ones I discounted earlier because they didn't have internal speakers and see if they stereo outputs.  I may also be okay with 76 keys instead of 88 if that is the only thing holding up a purchase. 

[quote author=Bryan Harmsen link=topic=4099.msg21503#msg21503 date=1312434111]
I've never known of a MIDI keyboard to behave so badly, but I guess there's a first for everything :)

Mostly the device stopped being detected by the computer, while my other USB/MIDI devices work fine, and it's the same on multiple computers PC & Mac.  Unplugging/replugging would only sometimes fix it.  I've also had a pad and knobs go out on the Axiom.  The Trigger Finger pads didn't hold up long so the sensitivity was shot- it would give me a narrow range of low-velocity input even if you hit the pad with a marimba mallet.I haven't had the same problems with my Yamaha, Korg, and Alesis stuff.    So I've gone from recommending them based on price, to a ";you get what you pay for"; attitude.  That's just 1 person's experience though.
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