Use your iPad as a Sibelius controller

Just found out about this on the Sibelius blog [url=][/url].

This guy Tobias Escher has found a way to use the iPad in a very useful way to help improve workflow.  Check out his site  [url=][/url].  Perhaps this will get some traction among the Sibelius power users here.
Thanks for sharing this, Mike. Looks interesting!!
I downloaded it and will give it a try this weekend. Will you all know my thoughts on the other end.
Saw this awhile ago and have started making a layout for the VDL Battery noteheads / sounds. As I'm finally getting back into writing and just downloaded Sibelius 7, I'm trying to use the layout Tobias Escher created and tweak it to the things I use more often as a percussion writer. For me, this could mean never going to the menus again if it's done right. Fairly easy to use as well. I imagine this will change my workflow completely.
This is pretty cool and well worth the $2 for the App.  I may use it from time to time but for me I know key commands so well that it's faster to use the standard method.  For those who are stuck looking for shortcuts or have to wander the menus for the right command, this is a great tool!
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