Trying everything and still can't get VDL 2.5 to show up in Kontakt Player 2.

Hi everyone,

I have Finale 2008 and recently purchased a MIDI keyboard (M-Audio Oxygen 49) and VDL 2.5. I've searched old posts, followed the instructions in the VDL getting started guide to use it as a plug-in in Finale, read the ReadMe files, FAQ, and everything else I can think of and still cannot get VDL to show up when I open Kontakt Player 2 in Finale. Does anyone have an idea as to what key step I may be missing?

I'm completely new to all of this and am beginning to feel technologically ignorant. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: if this makes any difference, I previously had VDL 2 installed but uninstalled it a while back, so I already had Kontakt Player 2 on my computer from before. I did not have to install KP again when I installed VDL 2.5.
Close Finale then navigate to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\VSTPlugins, locate the KontaktPlayer2.dll in this folder, then copy and paste this version to replace the one in C:\Program Files\Finale 2008\FinaleVST. Does the same problem occur when you re-open Finale?

Also, have you registered VDL 2.5 via the NI Service Center?
Ok, I just tried that but the same problem still occurs. I did register VDL 2.5 with the service center.

(Thank you for the response!)
VDL2 and VDL 2.5 use different versions of Kontakt Player. So if you're using VDL 2.5, you'll definitely need to be using Kontakt Player 2 or greater. You might even find better results by using [url=]Kontakt Player 4[/url] which will work fine with the VDL 2.5.x library.

Keep in mind, there are three things you're following here:

1) Finale (the host)
2) Kontakt Player (the plugin)
3) Virtual Drumline (the library, accessed from within the plugin)

In Finale, can you see Kontakt Player? If not, start there. Justin's post about the plugin installation needs to be resolved first.

You can also launch KP in standalone mode to test if VDL is working properly from within it. Is that working?

If you're having trouble with your VDL installation, you can [url=]submit a support ticket[/url] to receive further assistance.
Hi Jim,

I am able to open Kontakt Player in Finale, but when I launch it in standalone mode, VDL still does not show up. It must be an issue with the VDL installation like you said. I will try submitting a support ticket!

Thank you for your help! Can't wait to get everything in working order.

Update: I just went ahead and reinstalled VDL 2.5. The library still doesn't show up on the left hand side of KP, but if I click Load/Save, I'm able to load any sounds I want to use. Thank you both again for your help!
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