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Hello!  I'm having trouble getting diddles to playback for snare and bassline.  I'm using VDLite that comes preinstalled with Finale 2010 for PC (Windows 7, HP Pavilion P6000 series).  I am not using a MIDI keyboard or anything else beyond the basic finale program, selecting VDLite instruments when I make my files in setup wizard.  I have not made any adjustments or alterations to the file, program, or playback.

I enter in rhythms and they playback fine.  However, when I add a diddle articulation, I get no playback whatsoever.  Oddly enough, however, my diddle playback on quads/tenors is fine and experience no problems.  Any ideas on fixing this would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Hi Evan,

I'm not sure why the VDLite Snares would behave different than the VDLite Tenors. It may have something to do with how Finale's HP settings (human playback) are configured. Maybe look into reading up on human playback stuff in Finale's documentation.

You may also want to play around with the ";smart playback"; plugin in Plugins>TG Tools menu. I know a lot of Finale users who use the full version of VDL rely on TG Tools stuff for more control of diddles.
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