Cymbal Roll Length

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to working with VDL.  I am having a little trouble getting the length of roll playback to sound properly.  I am writing at tempo of quarter note = 152.  I am trying to get a playback of 1 bar.  I hear the cymbal roll but it lasts three bars.  I also have the correct sound selected...SusCym 20 Const. Short/ Loud Cresc...notehead 35 selected with 3 slashes. 

Any help on how to get it to playback for one bar instead of three?

I've searched this topic in the forum but most of the posts seemed to be a bit outdated.

VDL 2.5.2
Sibelius 6
Template used from Write Score for Sibelius and VDL Bundle
I'm also slightly confused by how I notate a muted release versus a sustained release.  I have the D line selected but don't know if I have to input anything else to hake it sound correctly.  Thanks.

I do understand that the natural release is notehead 0 and muted release is notehead 31.

Overall, it sounds like you're on the right track with figuring all this stuff out. Here are a couple things to check out in regard to your suspended cymbal stuff (which can sometimes be a little tricky due to varying tempos and lengths):

[b]Mute vs. Natural release:[/b] Notehead 0 or 31 would only pertain to the SUSTAINED suspended cymbal rolls. If you want a crescendo to mute, you'd select your noteheads from one of the ";Mute Cresc"; options in the template's keymap diagrams. For example, a muted short crescendo would be notehead 32 on the E space.

On your short/loud/crescendo roll, it sounds like you've done it correctly, but check that you've used the E space. If that's correct, the reason it may sound longer may have something to do with if the slashes are somehow causing the roll to retrigger at 32nd notes (which Sibelius may automatically do for uncustomized sound sets). If that's what's happening, you may not have the correct instrument (from the VDL template) assigned at that point in your score. When assigning instrument changes, be sure to select instruments from the VDL Template family, rather than just stock ";suspended cymbal"; that might be part of Sibelius' normal set. Assuming you've assigned a VDL instrument to the staff, are using the correct sound set, and have all those noteheads correct, the slashes shouldn't retrigger the roll, and you should end up with a swell that peaks in less than 2 seconds.
I checked all these things and it is still playing back almost late.  Would it matter if I was trying to use it on a marimba line?

I checked that it was on the E line, I put it as notehead 35 for loud short cresc roll.  At 152 it still seems to take almost three bars to hear playback.

Thanks for all the help.
I did a quick test with just a [b]SusCym 20"; Constantinople[/b] instrument by itself (not an instrument change on a mallet staff), tempo at 152, notehead 35 with 3 slash tremolo, E space: the cymbal roll crescendo-ed (and triggered) as expected and released just before the downbeat of the next bar. (A Live Start Position setting can fix the exactness of the release once we figure out this problem first.)

If you want, send me the file so I can take a look. I sent you a PM with info on where to send it.

Brian, I received your email - and thanks for including a screen shot of your Playback Configuration, that actually tells me a lot.

Both KontaktPlayer2 and Sibelius Player need to have the custom sound sets assigned since you're using the SE6-VDL Bundle. The image I attached is what it needs to look like. If you don't see those in the drop down list, you need to copy/paste the xml files from the template package to the Sounds user's folder. See Readme page 5 for exact location for your OS (or just read [url=]this[/url]).

Assigning the correct sound sets should get you fixed up. If you have any other problems, let us know.


I recommend Kontakt 4 Player over KP2, and it's available as a free download [url=]here[/url]. And by the way, Kontakt 5 Player will be available on Sept. 1st. I'm sure I'll be testing it to see how it works with VDL. :)

I made all those changes and it's working beautifully.  I had copied the xml files to the wrong place. 

Thanks again for all the assistance.
Great! Glad to see you got it.
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