Quadz rimshot changes to rimclick during playback

I've seen a few other users mention trouble with tenor rimshots and rimclicks.  I haven't seen this particular problem mentioned... but perhaps some of you have advice?

VDL 2.5
Sibelius 6
I custom-made a map for the quad part.
I use x noteheads for rimshots (notehead 1) and set the sound to be a rimshot from the same voice (Virtual Drumline 2.5, Tenorline Auto RL) that is loaded.
When I play note by note they sound as rimshots -- all good.
When I then playback the part they change to rimclicks, and stay as rimclicks when the playback is done.

If I close Sibelius and reopen they go back to rimshots.

Ideas?  Thanks!

- Dale
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Hi Dale,

Welcome to the forum! Given that you're using a custom map, it'll be tough to pinpoint what the problem might be exactly. Are you at least using the Sibelius 6 Soundset, then creating your own mapping within VDL Template? Once we get these few extra details we might be able to accurately diagnose the issue.
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