Control your mixer from your tablet

So if you were wanting to control your digital mixer from anywhere here is an easy way to make this possible:

[glow=red,2,300]Required Items:[/glow]

[li]Digital Mixer[/li]
[li]Laptop (PC/MAC)[/li]
[li]Digital Mixer Manger Software[/li]
[li]Tablet (Pick your Poison iPad or Android Tablet)[/li]
[li]Splashtop remote Desktop[/li]

[b][u]Step 1[/u][/b]
Download your and install your mixer manager from your suppliers website (I have the yamaha 01v96 so I'll use this as an example)


Please note that it is important that you can control the mixer from the laptop first because you will eventually be controlling the laptop from your tablet.

[b][u]Step 2[/u][/b]
Install Splashtop Remote Desktop PC/Mac Compatible (Free)


Setup your password for remote desktop Access
[b][u]Step 3[/u][/b]
Install Splashtop Remote Desktop on your tablet device


[b][u]Step 4[/u][/b]
Connect your tablet to your laptop for remote access via Splashtop
Here is a tutorial on the set-up procedure. It's very very very easy.

[b][u]Step 5[/u][/b]

Open your digital mixer control software on your laptop

[b][u]Step 6[/u][/b]

Open Splashtop on your Tablet and connect to your Laptop.

[b][u]Step 7[/u][/b]

You now have access to your console from your iPad! Walk about and control your mixer from where ever you wish! :-)

There are several apps on the app store that say that they can control various mixers remotely, however after reading the reviews and websites, I can not say that these apps have as much functionality as the native app made for your mixer.

Also there is a version of splashtop remote for your phone, however it is VERY small and difficult to manage. If I had a larger screen like some of the Android phones I've seen it might be worth checking into. 

Also Available are Native apps that will control your mixer without the need for a remote connection. They are mostly high end boards that I don't think high school and drum corps would have the scratch to afford and or wish to take outside but if you are one of those groups. Then here are some apps that might be of use to you.

Yamaha Stage Mix for the LS9 Digital Mixer

Yamaha Stage Mix for the M7CL Digital Mixer

Presonus Mixer App

Allen and Heath iLive Mix Pad

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Wow, thanks for the detailed right up, Robbie! I've been using Splashtop for a while now and can definitely say that's THE way to go now as far as remote access goes, having tried quite a few different apps.
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