nanoKEY setup problem with Kontakt player

Hi everyone

I'm having a bit of a dilemma that I'm trying to figure out with my Korg nanoKEY setup in Kontakt Player 2. I'm using a laptop Pavilion dv6, Windows 7, 64bit operating system, and 6GB of ram.

I'm using Virtual drumline 2.5 along with it's upgrades 2.5.1 and 2.5.2. (I'm assuming that after installing 2.5.1 and following with the installation of  2.5.2  upgrade that I'm done with that. I've looked to see that under ";instruments"; in Kontakt player to see if it specifies v2.5.2.nki and it does so I don't know if I still have anything else to do with the upgrades.) There's that question.

My question in regards to my Korg nanoKEY is about It's setup in Kontakt player 2. I've used it a couple of days ago with Kontakt player in standalone mode and Kontakt player recognized the hardware. I was able to hear sounds of the instruments I loaded after I turned the nanoKEY ";on"; in the Audio setup MIDI dialog box and played with the nanoKEY when I used the keyboard button. However, the sounds that were being produced were extremely distorted with with what sounded like a thousand echoes and other ugly sounds from each note i played, under any instrument I loaded, with only a faint sound of the instrument's playback that corresponded with the keyboard mapping. I believe that I had the output latency close to 30 because I have just recently begun to use this software and didn't understand it's function. Also i was using the Direct Sound interface which allowed me to freely adjust the latency with a scroll bar. Maybe by adjusting this closer to 40 I'll find that the sounds will adjust and hopefully fix themselves but now my nanoKEY won't play anything when I use the Keyboard button.
I've checked the device manager on my computer and it recognizes it and registers that it is functioning properly. I Used Finale notepad 2011 to see if the nanoKEY would work and after activating the nanoKEY through the MIDI setup option, it worked just fine. I've also made sure that under the Audio Setup MIDI dialog box in Kontakt player I had the nanoKEY ";on"; in the input interface with everything turned ";off"; in the output interface. The keyboard function won't play anything when I hit the keys.

This is what is under my Audio setup MIDI interfaces
Input Interface: LoopBe Internal MIDI ";on";, nanoKEY2 ";on";
Output Interface: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth ";off";, LoopBe Internal MIDI ";off";, nanoKEY2 ";off";

I am now using an ASIO interface that I downloaded which is easy to switch between Directsound and MME. Since MIDIyoke doesn't support 64 bit OS I downloaded Loopbe1 internal MIDI. For my soundcard I downloaded ASIO4ALL v2 so my Audio setup under Soundcard reads,
Interface:Asio, Sample Rate:44100, Output Device:ASIO4ALL v2. with an output latency of 16ms!
I'm worried about this also because under ASIO there is no scroll bar for latency and with ASIO config, I can't seem to figure out what to adjust to change the latency. I've tried moving things around but nothing changes it so I'm just a little confused about some stuff and could really use some help.

1. I think my Virtual Drumline software is up to date and i'm not sure if anything else needs to be done after downloading these upgrades. (I plan on using this software with Sibelius 7 later so i'll use the manual to figure that out later unless there's any suggestions about that anyone can offer)

2. My nanoKEY isn't playing in Kontakt player 2 when I activate the keyboard function even with it's activation in the audio setup.

3. I'm a little confused about how to change the Latency with the ASIO configuration setup.

Hi there,

Thanks for providing the details of your setup. Sounds like there are a couple separate topics here.

[b]Topic 1: MIDI INPUT[/b]
If KP2 was responding to your NanoKey2 at one point, that's good. You might want to actually unplug the keyboard, then plug it back in again. Sometimes these inexpensive devices can be a little finicky like that and restarting them can help kick them into gear.

MIDI Input is all you really need to focus on here, so it sounds like your settings are all correct. If the NanoKey2 is all you're using at the moment, you might want to turn the LoopBe Internal MIDI to ";off."; That must be a separate piece of hardware. That might be the reason the Nanokey2 isn't activating your instrument....if the loaded instrument is set to receive from the other MIDI device. (see screenshot)

After you've done these things, quit KP2 (if you haven't already), reboot your machine, then relaunch KP2 and see if your midi input is recognized.

[b]Topic 2: AUDIO DRIVER[/b]
ASIO4ALL is a workaround, so it's definitely not the same as if you were using a soundcard that came with native ASIO compatibility. To adjust the latency on ASIO4ALL, you can't do that directly in the KP2 Soundcard window. Instead, you'll go directly to ASIO4ALL and adjust the ";buffer"; there. Once you've done this, I believe you'll see the latency setting adjusted within KP2. Since the slider isn't adjustable, isn't there a config button in KP2 or something? (I don't have access to a system with this installed, so can't verify.)
Thanks! Yhat was quick and simple, nanoKEY works and I'm gonna have to use Direct sound for the sound card I believe. It's working nicely and fluidly. Now to just wait on my sibelius 7 shipment. Also, I have looked at the manual and videos pertaining to installing the libraries and such for Sibelius that tapspace has on Youtube and the manuals. I'm wondering, being that I don't have Sibelius 7 with me yet, would the procedures for installing the libraries of VDL work the same for Sibelius 7?
There's some early discussion about this here:

Assuming you'll be using a template from The Write Score, be sure to follow their instructions on how to implement it.
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