Sibelius 7 problems

Hello everyone...

I've searched around to see if I can find something on the forums for my dilemma, but nothing that I can find. I have recently purchased Sibelius 7 and have installed VDL 2.5. I also have both KP2 and KP4. While I can get all of the percussion sounds from the included Sibelius 7 library, I cannot get my VDL to show up anywhere in Sibelius 7 as playback options. I have contacted Avid tech, but still cannot get VDL to come up for playback. Does anyone here know what I may be doing wrong?

I am in the middle of writing for a high school for both marching and indoor percussion, and having accurate playback and writing is important right now. It's aggravating that I am probably doing something (or not doing something), that is causing this to happen. Just to note.... VDL is not showing up in my ";Available devices"; or anywhere in ";Active devices";. I am only getting the ";Sibelius 7 sounds. I would appreciate any help from you guys.... Thanks!

PS.. Has anyone tried using the Write Score templates for Sibelius 7? Should I wait on new patches to come out?

The Write Score templates do work in Sibelius 7.

Are you doing your work on a Mac or a PC?  If you're using a Mac, is it a 64-bit processor.
Hello Bill..... I am doing work on a PC with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and an AMD X6 processor.

The first thing you'll need to do is copy/paste the 64-bit Kontakt 4 Player VST .dll plugin files into the appropriate Sibelius folder. Should be C:\Program Files\Avid\VSTPlugins. 64-bit Sibelius will not see KP2 at all.

You may need to follow these directions also: [url=][/url]

I will do that Hugh and let you know the outcome. Thanks!!

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